The Public Learning System (PLS)

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Proposal: Like the Moon Mission and the Human Genome Project, a project for the good of all.


In many ways similar to ‘PBS’, the PLS is a free public service, a non-commercial, not for profit, ‘channel’ people can trust.  PBS is a network within our television system, the PLS is a network within our Internet system. The PLS is a domain, a parallel-universe, within the Internet.

(anything and everything).pls

Instead of being designed around ‘broadcasting’ (pushing content at people), PLS is designed around ‘learning’ (resourcing people learning).

In less than a decade we will be experiencing “Watson” like AI in our everyday relationship with technology. Through the descendants of our smartphones*, tablets, computers, appliances, and automobiles we will live e-nabled lives in ways we can barely imagine. Rather than leaving the relationship between our population and this ‘power’ entirely to the ethics of the marketplace, we can create an artificially intelligent agency that can provide each of our people an avatar capable of personally-relevantly stewarding his or her learning into/about anything and everything he or she might be interested in or need to learn.

Our futures depend on how well we learn our way into them.

Note: this has its roots in a proposal to California Senator John Vasconcellos re the Bill Bradley 2000 Campaign  It was published here 3-13-2013.

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