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“David challenges the status quo of thought about learning and causes you to go deeper into the process of how children learn and why they learn or don’t learn.” – John Zauner, Executive Director, Georgia School Superintendents Association

“It’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing. I appreciate the scope of what you’re doing. It’s called information improvement which is the prime issue in knowledge advancement. How do you put things together in ways that are easily understandable and communicable to other people? You’re talking about a big thing. People see pieces of it and you’re putting together a whole lot of things that no individual one of us has a grasp on.” – Todd Risley, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Alaska, Co Author: “Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experience of Young American Children” 

From ATTENDEES of recent events

Powerful and society-changing information! This should be at the top of everyone’s agenda in politics, public health and education.  Everyone needs to hear this. This is a very powerful world view and I embrace it. Paradigm shifting! I was completely engaged with the presentation format, content, dialogue, materials and the thought-provoking learning. I get it. I am highly intrigued to learn more about this. I am an early childhood director and we are in the trenches with this every minute of our day. The emphasis on the health of children through learning resonates with me and all of my colleagues and I will use your resources to continue to learn. This will stick with me forever! I will passionately share this vision for ‘Stewarding the health of our children’s learning’ with others. – B. O’Hearn, Early Childhood Director, Wichita Collegiate School, KS
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From ATTENDEES of our events over the years

After listening to David Boulton, who explained and played several video interviews in his (National Circle of Learning Conference) keynote address, it was as if the pieces of the puzzle magically appeared and fit into place. Thirty minutes into the lecture, I was wishing my entire staff had been there to hear Mr. Boulton!. His presentation inspired a hunger in me to learn more about Mind-Shame and the Children of the Code Project. This project has the potential to revolutionize education in such a profound manner!” – A. Hancock, Educator, Tahoka Elementary School , Tahoka , TX
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From ORGANIZERS of our Events

Not only does he deliver pertinent, current and evidenced based information to a field that sometimes finds itself drowning in misinformation, he does so with passion. Combining both straight lecture with a multimedia web-based presentation, he engaged our participants from the start and maintained their interest and participation throughout. Unlike so many other speakers, he did not come with a canned presentation, but did his homework beforehand finding out about  our participants and our company. The presentation he delivered was crafted to meet our needs making it that much more meaningful and practical to our members.  A keynote is meant to energize, inspire and inform and that is exactly what David Boulton does. We have already booked him to return next year!” – Janie Feinberg President, J.P. Associates
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“This is probably the most interesting, educational, insightful, researched, helpful, meaningful information I’ve received since becoming  a teacher.” – J. Stillman, Budlong Elementary, L.A. CA

“The general message (Healthy Learning) being spread is something that everyone needs to hear and understand in order to maximize the learning and success of future generations. This is critical to the future of our society as a whole! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and cannot begin to put into words how powerful it was to examine the concept of reading with a whole new set of eyes.  The one-day experience was remarkable and unforgettable!” – J. Shirron, Teacher, LodiUSD, Lodi, CA
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My overall experience was shock about the vivid truth that was shared yet a relief to be validated about my very own hardships that I’ve had over many years of my life. The information was presented impeccably, it was very well organized so it all made sense even though only a short version of a longer presentation was available in the amount of time we had. I find your work is very important and greater awareness is needed. I think you are heading in the right direction as far as I can tell. Sharing the issues and explaining the problems so clearly, and in such depth can only wake people up and get them thinking; that’s a start. I feel my understanding of the core problem comes at a perfect time. I have a great interest in your project and will look forward to exploring your website more and getting information that may help me help my children. I’m grateful to you .” – M. Bryson, Parent, Raleigh N.C.
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I really appreciated the thoughtful and non threatening way you presented your very important message. Your organization has touched on a very sensitive issue, one which I don’t often hear many people in any field addressing directly. It was powerful and well delivered and had the right balance of personal stories and fact. Great work! I believe you are hitting near the core of where we need to be, the change is upon us and for the most part the current education system and North America in general seems to be both reluctant to either acknowledge or accept it. – D. Nakashima, Teacher, Burnaby School District, British Columbia, Canada

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2 Responses to Feedback & Comments

  1. William John Meegan February 9, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    First of all your entire concept for teaching and/or learning is incorrect. I am not discussing here aiding children and/or adults with disabilities I am speaking here generically.

    There are two types of basic communication: WORD and IMAGE. Dr. Leonard Shlain threw out the baby (IMAGE) with the bathwater thinking that the one-eye king was the Alphabet. Yes, in one hand there is the IMAGE and in the other hand there is the WORD. From a totally materialistic point of view the WORD: i.e. alphabet, would be king.

    Now go the next step and open both eyes. Amalgamate the IMAGE into the WORD. This means that each letter is ALPHANUMERICALLY structured. With that revolutionary idea the scribes of antiquity wrote the sacred scriptures of the world. It is called ESOTERICISM and out of the Judeao Christian scriptures they call it Gematria. Few people know how to read and study these ancient texts, which are scientifically structured; because, people are generally lazy and do not want to give up their leisure time to learn and/or to research a subject that is extremely difficult to comprehend especially when they don’t see any immediate benefit in doing so.

    I have been researching esotericism for forty years and have written a trilogy of books on this subject. I can attest to the fact that not only does it teach the amalgamation of WORD and IMAGE it also informs that inherent in the process is revealed infinite knowledge. As inane as that sound this entire educational process from out of antiquity is based solely upon learning about the psyche, which has been mythologized ad nausea throughout the mythoi of the world.

    In the process of learning this science about the psyche from out of the text books of antiquity the student learns the Seven Liberal Arts, which is inherent in the esotericism of the science, which ultimately provides the student with the necessary educational tools to live in society.

    • Learning-Activist February 10, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

      I agree with learning ‘about the psyche’. Where I differ is where to focus our learning to do so. I also differ on ‘about’ – as if the psyche is but another object like a toaster or tv set ‘out there’ we should learn ‘about’. I think we should supplement our 1st person learning with all that we have learned but all that we have learned (esoteric, scientific, and otherwise) is no substitute for our own 1st person learning. Your approach to ‘pushing’ your ‘certainty’ is the very antithesis of what this work is about. However, fringe though your views are, you do nonetheless provide an interesting caricature of people who assert that what they ‘know’ is more important than ‘us learning together’.

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