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Re: Dyscalculia and Working Memory


Are the neu­ro­phys­i­cal cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of bio­log­i­cally ordained structural/processing insuf­fi­cien­cies (mal­adap­tive bio-development) (1) or are the neuro-physiological cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of a lack of neu­ro­phys­i­cal exercise/activity due to learned mal­ada­p­tive pro­cess­ing schema? For a related exam­ple, a recent study of dyslexia moved us closer to under­stand­ing the sig­na­ture of dyslexia prior to begin­ning read­ing ( but here too the test­ing is far down­stream from the influ­ence of early learn­ing. Isn’t dis­en­tan­gling the genetically-determined from the learning-formed much more sub­tle than we are acknowl­edg­ing? Are the brain dif­fer­ences cor­re­lated with mem­ory deficits described here exclu­sively the result of gene-formative processes or could there be a much deeper and richer and more sub­tle realm of early learn­ing that can also result in the brain dif­fer­ences you are describing?

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