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Other Words for Learning: Lifestyle


Over 90%  of heart attacks (myocardial infractions) can be attributed to lifestyle.

America Cancer Society:

There is an 82% correlation between lifestyles and cancers.

Lifestyle (n.):

First used in 1921 by psychologist Alfred Adler for “a person’s basic character as established early in childhood”. Since 1961 the word has broadly meant, “a way or style of living” (see also Wiki)

What do you mean when you use the word “lifestyle”? Setting aside the predatory marketing uses of the term1 or differences over its precise technical definition2,  the word ‘lifestyle’ refers to ‘ways of living’.

What makes your ways of living – your lifestyle – different from mine?  How much of the differences between your lifestyle and another’s was predetermined by your genes? What about what’s not determined by genes? What determined that? Learning did. You might say accident. You might say acquired diseases. But such factors don’t determine lifestyle. Lifestyle is more of a learned response to what happens to us.

“Lifestyle” is yet another of many examples of words, terms, and phrases that are outside-in descriptions of what, from the inside-out, is learning.  Another example, of a way of describing learning that directs our attention away from recognizing and appreciating learning.  Experience how different these statements feel when we substitute the word ‘learning’ for ‘lifestyle’:

– Over 90%  of heart attacks (myocardial infractions) can be attributed to learning.
– There is an 82% correlation between learning and cancers.


*Not only are these learned lifestyles killing us,  they provide predatory organizations with the ‘targeting information’ they use to manipulate our buying behaviors  (also, see: ethics)This post needs much elaboration.

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