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POLL: Who are you OTHER than who you have learned to be?

One of the core elements of our mission is redefining the meaning of the word learning. Without a new and more encompassing understanding of learning we can’t progress to make the other key distinctions (healthy-unhealthy, natural-unnatural, etc.) which are the foundational elements in the case for ‘stewarding the health of our children’s learning’.

One way to prompt an exploratory dialogue into this starting point (redefining learning) is to give serious attention to our question:

Who are you other than who you have learned to be?

 Another way to ask the question is:

 What can you say about yourself that is completely unaffected by learning?

Please comment on this post and share your responses to the question. Let’s use the question as a rabbit-hole for exploring the role of learning in our lives.

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One Response to POLL: Who are you OTHER than who you have learned to be?

  1. John March 11, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

    Wow, there is so much to that question: Who am I other than who I have learned to be? I am the person who I have learned to be. However, there is a lot more to learn and unlearn. Some of the things that I have learned about life including what I have leaned about me is not true. Some of those false “truths” are embedded emotionally. Intellectually, I know some things not to be true but I continue to believe them on an emotional level. Unlearning seems to be harder than learning. I am still learning who I have learned to be and do. I continue to learn. The story continues…

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