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Re: DNA Ain’t Destiny. No Kidding

“you are — a constant conversation between your genes and the environment, which includes both you and the surrounding world”

Yes, it can’t be said enough that genes do not  programmatically determine who we become. And, the way you put it is a big improvement over the old dichotomy of nature v nurture (which tended to imply that “I” am some inert substance formed by forces I don’t participate in)


I’d like all reading this to consider replacing the word ‘conversation’  with ‘learning’… In every way not programmatically (or divinely, if you prefer) determined by nature, we are who we’ve learned to be – we become who we learn to become – “we” are learned. Not only do “I” learn, “I” am learned. This shift in perspective is vitally important.

Learning is the central dynamic of being human.  And, because learning is involved in everything we know about ourselves and our worlds, like the tide that lifts all boats, changing how we relate to learning can change how we relate to everything. (See LEARNING)

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