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Re: One Third of Adults “Not Learning” – BBC – We Need a Better Definition of Learning

re: One Third of Adults “Not Learning” – BBC – We Need a Better Definition of Learning

From the post: “The study defines learning as being not only taking formal courses but also practising, studying or reading to develop skills, knowledge, abilities or understanding of something.”

My comment:

The way we define learning is in itself very limiting to our learning.  The definition used here is of course a variation of:  ‘the process through which we acquire knowledge, skills and experience’.  But learning is so much more. What isn’t learning? What aspect of being human (individually, collectively, presently, and historically) is outside the scope of learning? “We” are who we’ve learned to be. “I” am learned. Learning is the central dynamic of being human (linguistically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, intellectually, academically, vocationally…). Our individual and collective capacities for learning, more even than language, distinguishes us from all other life forms. We need to change how we think about learning – how we define learning – if we are going to unleash our learning.

Nothing is less presumptuous or more relevant to any one or all of us then ‘turning up’ our learning.



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