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We need you to really take a look at this.

Nothing is more important to our children’s futures than how well they can learn when they get there. How well they can learn when they get there depends on their confidence in learning. It is our children’s confidence in learning that is most at stake.

Over 60% of our kids are (have been for decades) chronically below grade level proficiency in reading. Chronic difficulty with reading has collateral effects. The kids blame themselves. They think there is something wrong with their ability to learn, they feel ‘not good enough’ / ‘not smart enough’ at learning. Reading related difficulties are causing many millions of our children to grow up ashamed of their minds and it’s unnecessarily damaging their confidence in their abilities to learn.

Yet 98% of the children who struggle with reading have enough oral language to learn to read if they had the right ‘scaffolding’. The problem is not and has never been with them, it’s been with us. Everything about the ways we currently teach reading is based on the the archaic ways we think about the relationship between orthography and reading instruction.

This video represents the beginning of a new chapter in the history of teaching reading. Help us get this into the minds of everyone who cares about children and their futures.

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