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Sound In the Womb Provides Sound Learning Benefits

This fascinating post outlines the temporal dynamics and training wheels’-like benefit-effects of initially learning the gross and fuzzies before learning to differentiate the more extensive, intense, subtle, and nuanced.

However,  I share this because it is yet another example of how our common language obfuscates the role of learning in our lives.

“Early Sound Exposure in the Womb Shapes the Auditory System”

This title, like so many others, implies a kind of passive materiality. As if, in this case, the auditory system is a “thing” that is being shaped by the physics of exposure to sound. Analogous to stating that sun exposure fades paint.

However, this way of describing hides the more important fact that there is a living listening life that is learning to become more extensively present and able in the domain of sound. The “shape” is the shape of learning into sound.


The fact that our brains learn in such predictable ways, doesn’t mean such predictable ways aren’t still about learning. We are not just our brains. We are the beings in our brains. Maybe, in the womb, we are not yet conscious of being, but we are certainly learning towards becoming so.

There is no instant in life in which we aren’t learning. From birth to death, human beings are always becoming who they are learning to become (though not necessarily in ways that are good for us). When we fail to attribute to learning that which learning is responsible for, we misorient if not disable our learning. (Redefining Learning)

If you start to pay attention to how many ways our common language obscures our awareness of learning (other words for learning), it will blow your mind.

When it comes to who we each are as human beings, what’s not learning?

Sound In the Womb Provides Sound Learning Benefits? How could it be otherwise?

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Early Sound Exposure in the Womb Shapes the Auditory System

“Early Sound Exposure in the Womb Shapes the Auditory System”

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