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Update: Children of the Code: CHANGING TRAJECTORIES – the Final Chapter

Dear friend of Learning Stewards and the Children of the Code Project,

I hope all is well with you and yours.

In this Update:

1 – Children of the Code Release: CHANGING TRAJECTORIES – The Final Chapter

2 – Important Request

3 – Next Steps


We’ve released a new chapter, “CHANGING TRAJECTORIES” (16 Videos). This is the final chapter of Phase I of the Children of the Code Project. In it we distill the Key Points of COTC and offer our suggestions and tips for improving the learning trajectories of struggling readers. This is not the end of the work of Children of the Code, it’s just the end of the beginning (see next steps below).  Please help us get the word out about this and all the chapters of Children of the Code.

2 – Important Request

We need your help. Our most important work is still ahead and we need your support if we are to sustain our efforts. If you appreciate our work, please donate whatever you can. Learning Stewards is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends on your donations. Your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please click here to donate.  Or send your tax deductible donation check to:

Learning Stewards
P.O. Box 2536
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3 – Next Steps

With the release of COTC’s final chapter “Changing Trajectories” we begin a new phase of the project. So far, we have focused on providing resources for people already interested in learning about the ‘code’ and the ‘challenge of learning to read it’. With your support , we want to use our resources to support advocates of children and activists engaged in education reform. It’s time to come together and focus our efforts on changing the way our children learn to read.

In addition to the final chapter and beginning our next phase of activism, with your support, we will be conducting new interviews and keeping you up-to-date with research coming in on the frontiers of the reading and learning sciences. We will also be focused on creating tablet and smartphone “Educator Apps” that allow teachers and school counselors to easily and quickly find and play COTC clips and “jewels” during parent-teacher conferences. We will also create “Parents Apps” that enable parents to find and play the resources on their phones and tablets that will help them better advocate for their children.

Reminder:  We’ve added “Tweet”“Like” and “Email” buttons on all of the key pages of the Children of the Code and Learning Stewards sites. You can now tweet individual pages to your followers, or add comments about any of our interviews or videos and post the comments to your Facebook page, Linked-In, and Twitter Feeds.  Next time you are on the COTC or Learning Stewards site, be sure to use these new tools and help spread the word about our work while you help others learn about the wonders and tragedies of reading and learning. If you are a member of the LinkedIn community, invite me to connect with you. I now have over 1000 connections – mostly with leaders in learning – let’s connect!

Thank you again for interest in and support of our work and for all you do to help ‘steward the HEALTH of our children’s learning’.

David Boulton
Learning Activist
Director, Children of the Code
A Project of Learning Stewards, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
P.O. Box 23536 Anchorage, KY 40223
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We can no longer assume that what we think children should learn is more important than how well they can learn.”
mind-shame’ is our nation’s most wide-spread learning disability’
Stay tuned to your learning.

The most cost-optimal, high ROI, way to improve education (and our nation’s future) is to focus our efforts towards upgrading the mental models through which parents and educators understand and experience learning and through which parents and educators understand their purpose as parents and educators. After all, how parents and educators think about ‘learning’ and their ‘mission and purpose’ affects, everything about how they understand and experience children (as well as what they are trying to ‘put into’ and ‘bring forth’ from them).

In addition to providing free online learning resources, we create high impact learning events that conduct parents and educators into realizing the distinctions critical to understanding learning in general and reading in particular. Our events use video clips from our 100+ interviews with world leading scientists and scholars, as well as rich multimedia slides and key point participant dialogues to create the conditions that lead to understanding and, more importantly, deeply realizing, these distinctions.

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