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Parents, Educators, Colleagues, Friends, and Frenemies…

Join us live online May 28th for a quick but deep-dive learning journey into the “The Code and the Challenge of Learning to Read It”, AND “the role of technology in the future of reading instruction”, AND the role of technology in providing less than proficient readers with a “learning to read while reading to learn safety net”.

In the first part, “The Code and the Challenge of Learning to Read It”, we will summarize over 1000 hours of interviews with field-leading scientists, scholars, educators, and policy makers.

“When I saw your list of the people you have already interviewed or were set to interview it was, of course, the Who’s Who of the whole field.” – Chris Doherty, National Program Director, Reading First Program, U.S. Department of Education

“It’s a wonderful thesis and it’s so refreshing to hear you articulate it because I guess I am in total agreement with it and I have not really heard people articulate it as clearly you have… I love what you are doing.” – DR. LOUISA MOATS

“Wow, that’s interesting. I think that’s a lovely description of it (the challenge of learning to read). – DR. TIM SHANAHAN

We will explore: What is reading? How does the brain create this simulated language experience? What makes learning to read so difficult? How does learning to read affect our intelligence, emotional development, and the overall health of our learning? What’s the difference between dyslexia and reading improficiency? And many other related topics.

In the next part of my session we will demonstrate a new way to thinking about stewarding learners up the ladder to reading mastery. Everyone who attends will be given a suite of free tools and will learn all that they need to be able to help any beginning or struggling reader dramatically improve.

Join us.

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