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BBC: What Does Reading On Screens Do To Our Brains?

Other than the last few minutes that discuss the attentional span differences, nothing in this cutesy video says anything not well understood decades ago. When it does turn to the specifics of reading on screens it only talks about smartphones, not near-paper-sized tablets. MOST importantly it utterly fails to even mention “what learning to read on paper does to our brains”. It completely neglects the fact that the MAJORITY of children experience life trajectory-harming difficulty with reading as a direct consequence of the ways we are forced to teach reading when the process is constrained to learning to read on paper.

The difference between “learning to read on paper” and “learning to read on screens” is the more important conversation. Learning to read on screens means bringing real-time, in the flow of reading, learning support to the process in ways completely impossible when learning on paper.

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