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8 Dimensions of Wellness = 8 Dimensions of Healthy Learning

Look at the descriptions of each dimension. Each one depends on our learning. There may be aspects of each that are outside our agency, but within our agency, each one not only depends on our learning it is determined by our learning.

This is what we need to learn. We are who we learn to be. Our health depends (within our agency) on how healthily we learn. Our physical and emotional and social and spiritual and intellectual and occupational and financial too.

Our wellness depends on our learning. 

Caring for the general health of our learning is like the tide that lifts all boats. It begins with learning to recognize the difference between learning as the central dynamic of being human and learning the mental utility for acquiring knowledge and skills. Once we learn to appreciate the vast universality of learning we can learn to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy learning.

Note: The image came from a 10-28-23 post by Adam Danyal on LinkedIn that read: “Good mental health is not just a privilege; it’s a fundamental right that lays the groundwork for a flourishing life.”

Credit: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

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Lifetime Learning

Unhealthy Learning

Redefining Learning

Learning Character

Learning to Choose

Learning to be Human

Stewarding Learning:

Stewarding Learning:

Learning Together

I AM Learning

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