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What is the ACE score for chronically feeling not good enough in school?

Since the initial emergence of ACE I’ve been interested in getting an additional type of ACE added to the framework: the adverse childhood experience of feeling CHRONICALLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH AT LEARNING. Where is the ACE score for “Chronic Learning-Performance Anxiety-Shame”? For day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year feeling the shame that accompanies feeling, chronically, not enough at learning? Though not as episodically acute as the other ACE types, most of our kids experience this, and the consequent effects, are profoundly life warping.

Addendum: 11-4-2022 – NeuroScience News:  Trauma During Childhood Triples the Risk of Suffering a Serious Mental Disorder in Adulthood – “Suffering psychological trauma during childhood significantly increases the risk of developing a mental disorder in adulthood.” Yet another article that utterly fails to acknowledge the role of chronic learning performance anxiety in school as a widespread psychological trauma.

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