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Exploring Differing Assumptions: Science and Reading Science

Dr. Andrew Johnson is a Reading Specialist and a Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Literacy at Minnesota State University.  I, David Boulton, am a Learning Activist with Learning Stewards. Dr. Johnson and I have very different views about reading and the process of learning to read. We agreed to learn together and respectfully challenge each other as we identify and explore the assumptions that underlie our differences.

In this our 4th conversation, Dr. Andrew Johnson and I explore “Science” and “Reading Science” and a number of reading related topics, including those listed below. As you are listening, if something piques your interest, look below for links to further learning resources. Links to further learning resources.

-Teacher learning: 1) Excerpt – 2) With Siegfried Englemann
-Readiness Trajectories:
-Cost of Unreadiness:
-Mutually learning oriented teaching:
-Risley (family language) :
What is Science
-Paradigms and MENTAL MODELS:
-Science Historian on Unscientific Learning:
-Oppenheimer’s Paradigm Defense:
-What Eye Movements reveal:
-Stanislas Dehaene – Reading in the Brain:
-How do Kids Learn to read?
-International orthographic depth studies:
-Tim Shanahan:
-REFRAME: (what does it take to learn to read)
-Direct Instruction (Englemann)
-NCLB (Sweet)
-Reading Crisis:
-NAEP team member:
-Basic Proficiency:

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