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Bill Gates: AI will be teaching kids literacy within 18 months

The title is taken from Gates’ comments at the Stage X at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

What instructional models will the AI literacy tutors of the future be using? Will they assume phonics, structured word inquiry, or one of the other bottoms-up decoding-based word recognition models? Will they use personalized decodable texts and top down meaning cued word recognition strategies? Frankly, I hope they start over and avoid the mistake of automating the models before them. After all, every model of reading instruction in existence today is based on orthographic assumptions that future AI-based tutoring won’t need to continue:

Imagine an AI literacy learning tutor that can do anything we can imagine. Let’s reimagine literacy learning with that in mind. Let’s bring the best of what we’ve learned, but jettison the dogma and end the “wars”.

In the near future, kids will learn to read in profoundly more neurologically efficient and emotionally safe ways. In the near future, the majority of kids, including dyslexic kids, will learn to read without being taught (in any way resembling the ways kids are taught today). Instead, their every interaction with every word on every device (phones, tablets, computers, TV sets, augmented reality glasses, etc.) will be supported by “virtual” reading teachers and reference librarians – by “learning-guide bots” that are always tracking alongside their minds and instantly ready to help. Should a learner stumble reading an unfamiliar word, the helpers immediately appear to support and guide them. I am not talking about reading to them, rather scaffolding their learning to read at a level and in ways currently inconceivable to those whose minds are trapped in two-dimensional static orthography.  If you are having trouble imagining what I am talking about, click on any word on this page, look carefully the letters, and then click it again!

Who is willing to leave the models they’re invested in so we can put our minds together to completely reimagine literacy learning?

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