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Introducing the FREE Online Learning Support Net (OLSN)

Imagine a future in which ANY person regardless of their age, language, reading skill, or knowledge level, can click ANY online word and instantly get the personalized help they need to learn to r-e-a-d and understand it. Children learning to read, teenagers reading their homework, immigrant ESL students, low literacy level adults reading online product reviews or voter information. Not a product or a subscription service people pay for, a free-to-use public service feature of the way the internet works with words.

Imagine the social, political, and economic effects of turning the entire online world into a “learning to read” and “reading to learn” support system.

Today, OLSN is already able to benefit tens of millions of people, but it’s still just a work in progress.

Plans for improvement include:

– OLSN’s guided sound-outs and visual cues will be improved to better work with and eventually fuse with the future of phonics.
– OLSN’s current way of segmenting words will be improved to better work with and eventually fuse with the future of morphology.

– OLSN’s current reference libraries can be differentiated to better serve each individual’s age, gender, language, culture, and competency.

Neurologically, educationally, and economically, OLSN represents a high ROI opportunity.

Imagine a world in which OLSN’s descendants are commonplace.

Help us. Try OLSN. Share OLSN. Donate or volunteer to further the development of OLSN.

Thank you for reading.

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