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Right now. This c-o-d-e, MY words, YOUR mind?

How is it that as your eyes look at this c-o-d-e YOUR inner voice speaks MY words? Do you have a good understanding of how your brain does this? How your brain, like an MP3 player “runs” this c-o-d-e, and “plays” my words into your mind?

If you don’t understand reading as an “artificially” seeded, or “inseminated” (sem as semiotic-semantic) language experience, then your ground floor concept about reading will misdirect how you think about and teach reading.

Our national reading problems are not the fault of teachers, parents, or children. They are the result of our collective lack of understanding of the role of orthography (as a technological artifact) in reading difficulties. (Think not? Check out Stanislas Dehaene on why Italian takes 3 months and English take three years:

Reading is a code inseminated, instructed, and informed virtual language experience constructed by (unnaturally learned) machine-like brain processes. What makes learning to read so difficult is the code we learn to read with.

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