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The founders of the U.S. created a framework that liberated, enabled, and ignited a more learning-oriented way of being united. Not perfect, but more perfect. More perfectly conducive to a new kind of collective learning that ultimately lead us to become the world’s most intelligent nation.

Today, predatorily stupidified by the machinations of profit and power, our population’s collective intelligence is in a dangerous downward spiral. Our political parties behave as if they are trying to manipulate a herd of low EQ teenagers. Spin the channels, which ever silo you land in it’s pretty much about convincing and persuading. Our political leadership hasn’t yet learned the importance of stewarding our collective intelligence because it’s too busy manipulating the voting behavior of our collective ignorance.

As this latest (link below) PISA news article reveals, the more learning-oriented populations of the world are pulling ahead of US. The “collective intelligence advantage” that made us great in the first place is falling dangerously behind other nations. If we don’t wake up soon we will become a subordinate nation.

It’s time for a new form of American leadership that realizes that our national security, global competitiveness, environmental viability, and social equity are all precariously dependent on our collective learning.

PISA scores, like our politics, like our corporate ethics, like so many other signals all around us, are like warning lights flashing on our collective dashboard. Will we see them in time?  Our futures depend on how well we learn together!

The difference between autocracy and democracy? The commitment to resolve differences by learning together (rather than one trumping others).

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